"All of the Dhamma offered here is offered freely: no price tag, no suggested or solicited donations, no required memebership, no strings attached in any way. This is distributing the Dhamma in line with the Dhamma, which is priceless and should never be sold. The best way to repay a teacher’s generosity is to earnestly put the teachings into practiceto see for yourself, for your own benefit, and for the benefit of the world." Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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Welcome to The Sons of the Law of One site. The Sons of the Law of One Podcast episodes are published monthly. They highlight channeled material and the works of scientists and spiritual thinkers that are synchronistic in their depiction of Creation. No matter from which direction the subject of the meaning of life on this planet is approached, the wisdom offered to usher and inform our journey, all points to the Law of One.

We are a species who have chosen to forget in order to experience all that can be, on the path to remembering. We live many lives in this simplistic, materialistic, agreed upon platform for incarnation. This is the platform for the Universe's ultimate extreme gauntlet for expedited spiritual growth. This plane of illusion is of immense importance at this pivotal moment of the upward shift in consciousness. There are unseen multitudes who watch lovingly and are permitted to aid us when asked. They gently nudge the positively polarizing with their teachings.

On our solitary paths of seeking, we have come upon many wonderous truths. The more we seek and learn, the more we realize that we already knew. The tenets of third density illusions are understood and more light streams in. Leonard Cohen wrote "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." When one notices the crack, it opens further. It opens at the speed of our request.

This is for those who have not yet noticed the crack, but can feel something bugging them, something tapping them on the shoulder...And for all of us who will never stop seeking. The beacon is your invitation. It's what we came here for, the graduation party.


Here is some details about those known as The Sons of the Law of One.

The following is what I call "The Universal Disclaimer". Nearly all of the entities speaking from higher densities will state their own version of this. For me, it is one more validation of how Creation works. We all have our own paths. This disclaimer comes from Q'uo through Carla Rueckert.

"As always, my friends, we would ask that each of you take full responsibility for choosing out of those things we have to say, the material you wish to consider. By that, we mean that if our thoughts do not seem resonant to you, we would ask you to leave them behind. If you will guard the gates of your own perception in this way, we will feel much more free to share our thoughts without being concerned that you might take out thoughts to be those of an authority and not those of entities who, like you, walk the circle of seeking through infinity back to the source whence all of us came, the One Infinite Creator.

Due to time considerations, I often opted to record the early podcasts outdoors. The very earliest ones were done utilizing an iMic connected to an iPod. This is a 16 bit set up and the difference can be heard between this main audio and the opening audio, which was recorded at home using a Blue Snowball 24 bit USB mic. You also may hear occasional pops, clicks, raindrops, bird songs or the wind. Later, I purchased a Tascam DR-1 portable recorder which is a 24 bit unit. Now the podcast is completely produced in 24 bit audio. All episodes are recorded and edited in Garageband.

Before publishing a podcast, I make efforts to contact the author and/or publishers of the material. There are times when I could not make the connection, either I could not find them or I received no response from them. In these cases, I use the Fair Use checklists linked here to determine my way forward.

the podcast