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Many thanks to the greatly talented 3D design artist and computer animator, Serdar Camlica, for the use of his work, aptly titled "Atlantis". Check out his gallery on his site


"Day Four" from "The Creation Series" by Costanza Knight (entire picture is on Quotes & Pictures pages)




Much of the material for this podcast was purchased at a most amazing outpost of love and light, Crystal Visions.

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Aurelia Louise Jones has published three books on Lemurian teachings and Telos. She ads the perpective of the entity Adamas to the many insight into Lemurian life. Episode One Hundred Twenty.



Second part of the reveal of Atlantean souls who incarnated synchronistically from the mid to late 1800's, aiding the swift advance of humanity. Left to right: Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky, Walter Russell and Alice Bailey...the Seers, Episode One Hundred Eighteen.

Franca Rosa Cononico de Schramm is the channel. The light realms of Alpha Centuri are the beings coming forth. The book is "El Sero Uno: The Arcana of Thoth" The episode is One Hundred Seventeen.



Left to right...Max Planck, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Rudolf Steiner. These advanced contemporary scientists demonstrate the interconnectedness of the Universe with their individual spiritual epiphanies. Episode One Hundred Sixteen.

Grace F. Knoche is the author of the book "The Mystery Schools", a disclosing of the tenets and techniques of the ever present ancient wisdom schools of planet Earth. Episode One Hundred Fifteen.



Dr, Ralph Duby (pictured) in concert with Paul Shokley, are the instruments through which the advanced consciousness that is called Cosmic Awareness relate their wisdom. Episode One Hunderd Fourteen.

Mary Ennis is the prolific channel of Elias. The Elias Sessions online is a record of over 20 years of human assisstance encompassing thousands of sessions and Episode 112.



Sucheta, aka Marjorie Musacchio, brings us Creation through the eyes of Kwan Yin. Episode One Hundred Thirteen.

Charles Eisenstein's TED talk "A New Story of the People" is included in Episode One Hundred Nine.



Ramón Stevens has been offering Alexander's acumen for over 20 years. Excerpts from the documents known as "The Alexander Journals"comprise Episode One Hundred Eleven.

Miranon is the entity speaking through the instrument called Leanna or by the Monroe Institue file name SHE. The actual audio recordings are presented in Episode One Hundred Eight. Robert Monroe a pioneer in consciousness research is pictured.



Terrence McKenna's presentation "Dreaming Awake at the End of Time"is the other half of Episode One Hundred Nine.

Scott Mandelker is a former practicing doctor of psychology, Buddhist scholar, and an in depth reseacher and teacher of The Law of One. His talks on the subject are invaluable to the student wishing clarity to the Ra speak. A small snippet of the hours of seminars compose Episode One Hundred Six.



On the subject of "The Oversoul" many entities, both incarnate or formerly so, and disincarnate, have something to say. We hear from The Explorer Race, Q'uo, Ra, Bashar, Manly P. Hall, Orpheo Angelucci, Dolores Cannon, Benjamin Creme, Albert Taylor, Paramahansa Yogananda, Wade Wilson, The Zetas, Charles Johnston, Seth, and the man pictured Ralph Waldo Emerson. Episode107.

George Green channeled a Plaiedian connection for the information that became a three book series. Vol 1 - Handbook for the New Paradigm, Vol 2 - Embracing the Rainbow, and Vol. 3- Becoming - from which came Episode One Hundred Three.



Paul Hamden (pictured) was the channel and along with William Treurniet passed along knowledge from a social memory complex from Zeta Reticuli in Episode One Hundred Four.

Glastonbury, England was the setting where a group of spiritual seekers came together to create the correct energy vortex for the passing of information from higher planes. The group took the name of Ramallah. Part of their story is Episode One Hundred Two.



Harriet H. Dallas was the channel through which the entity known as Platonius offered his Universal knowledge. I have yet to find pictures or a website devoted to either. Episode One Hundred One.

Robert Shappiro is the prolific channeler of the entity Zoosh and many others in the 21 volumes known as The Explorer Series. Episode Ninety Five is taken from vol 1& 2.



Steve Rother is the channel for the social memory complex called The Group. Episode Ninety Six is taken from the book "Re-member", along with other selected sessions.

Linda Howe provides her expertise on the Akashic Records in Episode Ninety Four.



Teal (Swan/Scott) provides her insight into the Akashic Records in Episode Ninety Four.

Filmmaker David Thomas brought together his projects we know as the "Tuning In" series. Episode Ninety Two (Parts One and Two).



Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapyst, who through her 45+ years of practice began to increasingly uncover, though the past life regressions of her subjects, lives experienced in other spheres and detailed information concerning the nature of Creation - Episode Ninety Three is from her book, "The Concoluted Universe (Part 1)."

In Episode Ninety Two (Part One) -Tuning In, we hear from 6 entities through 6 unique channels. Along with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Daryl Anka (Bashar), they are: near right -John Cali (Chief Joseph)/ far right - Shawn Randall (Torah) / below left - Geoffrey Hoppe (Tobias) / and below right - Wendy Kennedy (The Pleadian Collective)



Shawn Randall glyph1a1a1

glyph2a1a1a Geoffrey Hoppe



Wendy Kennedy entanglement1a1a

Author Wynn Free ("The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce") is questioner and scribe for the sessions that are the book, "The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You" from which is taken Episode Ninety.



Marilyn Raffaele is the instrument receiving those known as the Arcturian Group. Episode Ninety One.

Daphne Karadanis (left) and Terry Brown (right) are the two channels who facilitated the Council of Elohim in Episode Ninety.



Terry Brown glyph3a1a1

Lyssa Royal is a Taoist Yoga teacher and channel. Episode Eighty Seven is taken from her book of the same name, "The Prism of Lyra".



George Hunt Williamson was an early UFO investigator and collegue of Don Elkins. Episode Eighty Eight is from his book "Other Tongues, Other Flesh", published way back in 1953.

From 1949 through 1968, Mark Probert was the channel for a group of entities known as "The Inner Cricle, Teachers of Light". One of the main voices coming through was Yada, a being incarnate on this planet half a million years previous. Episode Eighty Six is from a collection known as "Yada Speaks".



Years of spiritual investigation from the early 50's on has given us much that points towards understanding. We have here a small sampling of Don Elkins' invaluable work in Episode Forty Five, "The Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator", along with all podcasts list for Carla Rueckert.

Jess Stearn was an author best known for his Cayce autobiography "The Sleeping Prophet", though he had nine best sellers. An excerpt from the audio book version of his work "Edgar Cayce on the Millennium", is part of Episode Eighty Two.



Barbara Marx Hubbard is a pioneer, visionary and "the voice of conscious evolution". (says Deepak Chopra) We hear from two of her publications, "Emergence" and "52 Codes"in Episode Eighty Three / Parts One & Two.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle offers wisdom from the audiobook version of "The New Earth". Episode Eighty Two.



Barbara Marciniak is a channel for the Pleiadians. A message from her audiobook of "Bringers of the Dawn" is part of Episode Eighty Two.

Rev. Frieda Probst is the channel for The Sisters of Light. Their message coming from the book "The Mother Transcriptions" is Episode Eighty.



The amazing work of Walter and Lao Russell are highlighted in Episode Eighty One.

Alan Watts: "Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap. Lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination." Episode Seventy Eight.



Jose Trigueirinho Netto, author, teacher, servant to humanity - emparts his wisdom and that of his contacts in Episode Seventy Nine and Episode Eighty Nine.

Neville Goddard: “The Lord of hosts will not respond to your wish until you have assumed the feeling of already being what you want to be, for acceptance is the channel of His action." Episode Seventy Eight.



Joel Goldsmith: "Spiritual illumination comes to us in a measure with our first investigation of truth...This inflow of illumination will continue until we come to the full realization of our true identity as "the light of the world". Episode Seventy Eight.

Sal Rachele is the instrument through which the energies known as Leah, Isis, Lord Sananda, the Arcturians, and the creator gods known as The Founders come through. The Founders are Episode Seventy Six.



Barbara Brodsky is the channel for the one known as Aaron. Episode Seventy Seven and Episode Ninety Four.

Elora Gabriel (pictured) and Karen Kirchbaum are the mediums through which the Creator God Heru comes to us with his message in the book "The Return of Light". Heru, a.k.a. Horus, incarnated as the first Egyptian pharoah. Episode Seventy Three.



Linda Stein-Luthke and Marin Luthke, Ph. D.'s lightwork include the channeling of Ascended Masters and the publishing of the free "Ascended Master Newsletter". Coming through for Episode Seventy Four is El Morya Khan from the book "Navigating the Fourth Dimension".

John Randolph Price authored "The Superbeings", who we were and are, soon all to realize. This is Episode Seventy One.



The  late  Dr. Hwee-Yong Jang  gives us his insights into the great change in the book "The Gaia Project 2012" from which comes Episode Seventy Two.

Here is a man who needs no introduction... The story of Atlantis which is Episode Seventy was based on the Edgar Cayce life readings, that shocked and amazed his clients with tales of their lives long ago.



Sanaya Roman presents the wisdom of Orin, from the book "Living With Joy" in Episode Sixty Nine.

Guy Steven Needler travels the 100 frequency levels of Creation, conversing with entities including the Source Entity, creator of this particular Universe. Episode Sixty Seven.



Ann Valentin brings forth the Archangel Uriel in Episode Sixty Eight. There is no website for Ann nor her channeling partner, Virginia Essene. They also brought us the Silver Ray in Episode Fifty Five.

Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf authored "Last Cry", a collection of "Native American Prophecies and Tales of the End Times". Selections from this work are Episode Sixty Five - Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.



Standing Elk brings us "Maka Wicahpi Wicohan, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator", a collection contributed to by 70 spiritual teachers from other realms. Episode Sixty Six.

The Three Initiates gave us the book "The Kybalion" based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. The audio book narrated by Michael Scott is Episode Sixty Three, Parts One through Four.



Ronna Herman gives us the Archangel Michael from the book "Your Sacred Quest". Episode Sixty Four.

James Tyberonn is the channel for Archangel Metatron, a.k.a. The Keeper of the Light. This is Episode Sixty One.



David K. Miller is the instrument through which many ascended beings and higher density entities offer their wisdom. Episode Sixty Two - Juliano and Friends, comes from the book "New Spiritual Technology for the Fifth Dimensional Earth"

Diana Luppi brings us the entities who call themselves "Mission Control". From the book "E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution". Episode Fifty Eight.



Lawrence and Michael Satorius wrote "The New Earth" trilogy, from the first book, "The Higher Knowledge" comes Episode Sixty.

Grace Cooke is the channel for the entity White Eagle from the book "Spiritual Unfoldment 1" in Episode Fifty Six.



Eric Klein is another phantom on the web. He brings us Ashtar from the book, "The Crystal Stair". Episode Fifty Seven. Channeled messages from Sananda, Archangel Michael and St. Germain are other chapters.

Carol Heideman's book "Searching for Light" is a channeling of the Michael energy and is Episode Fifty Four.



Virginia Essene (pictued) and Ann Valentin channel the Silver Ray in the book "Cosmic Revelation". Episode Fifty Five.

Phyllis Schlemmer channels the entities known as "The Council of Nine". Episode Fifty Two.



Elisabeth Fitzhugh brings us the "merged energy" of five non-physical beings called Orion. Episode Fifty Three.

from his website ... "Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary, and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts" - Deepak Chopra. Episode Fifty is from the book "The Divine Matrix".



Annie Kirkwood gives us "Mary's Message to the World" in Episode Fifty One.

Lumari is the channel for Alawashka, both being and language, in Episode Forty Eight.



Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa bring us the Archangel Zadkiel from the book "2012 Ascension" Episode Forty Nine.

Gina Lake is the instrument that brings us the entity Theo, from the book "Radiance", which is Episode Forty Six.



Early twentieth century author and spiritual philosopher James Allen wrote the book "The Heavenly Life". The audio book is Episode Forty Seven, parts one & two.

Ileah Van Hubbard Moore channels the voice of the entity known as Mother Mary, mother of Jesus in a previous incarnation. This is Episode Forty One.



Neale Donald Walsch gives us "Conversations with God". Episode Forty Four, "In the Creator's Words" comes from book 1.

Carol Bell Knight is the channel for Rabindra Matori in Episode Thirty Nine.



Sharon Shane is the instrument through which many entities come forth in "The Architects of Light". Episode Forty

Patricia Cori gives us the voice of the "Speakers of the Sirian High Council" recounting our history on this planet on Atlantis. Episode Thirty Six & Episode Forty Two



Lee Carroll is the channel for Kryon of magnetic service. Episode Thirty Eight comes from the book "The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace". Lee and Kryon also give us their wisdom in Episodes Ninety Two (Parts 1 & 2) Tuning In.

Ascended Master Djwal Khul (pictured) speaks through the channel Violet Starre. Episode Thirty Four



Elmarilla Bailey brings forth the energies known as Irshya. Episode Thirty Five

LaUna Huffines brings us the entity known as Jaiwa and his gift of the "Bridge Of Light". Episode Thirty Two



J. Z. Knight brings us the entity known as Ramtha. Episode Thirty Three

Dr. Michael Sharp gives us "The Great Awakening", book one in the series on the "Lightning Path" to awakening. Episode Thirty



Pat Rodegast is the instrument through which comes the beautiful words of Emmanuel. Episode Thirty One

Jach Pursel has channeled Lazaris since 1974. Episode Twenty Eight is from the book, "Lazaris - The Sacred Journey, You and Your Higher Self".



Carla Rueckert channels Q'uo, a combination of fourth, fifth and sixth density memory complexes known as Hatonn, Latwii, and Ra. Episode Twenty Nine & Forty Three & Episode Seventy Five - Parts 1 & 2, Episode Eighty Four, Episodes Ninety Seven, Ninety Eight, Ninety Nine and One Hundred.

Sandra Radhoff Lund brings us the energy that calls itself Kyros, from the book "The Kyrian Letters". Episode Twenty Six.



Tom and Linda Carpenter. Tom recieves these messages from an entity that he chose to call "Brother", an energy that is known quite well to all of us as Jesus. Episode Twenty Seven, "Dialogue On Awakening".

Tony Stubbs is the instrument through which comes the entity "Serapis", with the message of "An Ascension Handbook". Epidode Twenty Four.



Meredith Lady Young channels "Mentor" through the process of automatic writing. From the book "Agartha, A Journey To the Stars". Episode Twenty Five is "Earth School".

An interview with author and researcher David Icke is Episode Twenty Two.



Solara Antara Amaa-Ra "is a messenger to humanity from the Golden Solar Angels." Her message comes from the book "The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones", and is Episode Twenty Three.

Jane Roberts is the channel for the being callling itself Seth. (Episode Twenty) From the book "Seth Speaks".



Tom Kenyon channels the entity known as Hathor in Episode Twenty One.

Ken Carey is the channel for the Archangel Raphael from the book "The Starseed Transmissions: An Extraterrestrial Report". (Episode Eighteen)



Darryl Anka is the channel for Bashar in Episode Nineteen - Blueprint for Change. They also appear in Episode Ninety Two (Part One) - Tuning In.

Jani King is the channel for the entity known as P'taah from the Pleiades. (Episode Fifteen & Episode One Hundred Five.)



Hatonn comes through several instruments recorded by Don Elkins of L//L Research. (Episode Seventeen)

Azena Ramanda is the channel and Episode Ten is from her channeled book, "Earth's Birth Changes".



Rasha "receiveved and transcribed" the material coming from the universal presence "Oneness". (Episode Fourteen)

Mary-Margeret Moore is the instrument for the information coming through, she has named the source Bartholomew. (Episode Eleven)



Dr. Allen Roland's "Unified Field" of love and concsiousness is Episode Nine.

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon produced and directed the documentary, "The Colours Of Infinity", which contains "Infinit: The Journey". Fractal images by Will Rood. The book /DVD is available from Clear Books. The videos are on the video page. Pictured is Professor Benoit Mandlebrot.



Dr. Norma J. Milanovich channels our ET brothers and sisters from Arcturus. The book is "We, The Arcturians". (Episode Seven)

Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain - Authors of the most amazingly detailed description of the Universe, "The Teachings, For The Fourth Density Aquarian" Volumes One through Four. (Episode 2, 3, 16, & 110)



Sara Lyara Estes channels The Hosts Of Heaven. Entities that we call angels. They bless us with their message of the Earth to be, Terra. The place we have always known would be. (Episode 5 & 6)

Ian Xel Lungold has left this density of existence. His teachings will continue enlightening seekers to the divine nature of the Mayan Calendar. The video seminars here are lengthy (8 1/2 hours total) and mandatory viewing.



Rhea Powers is the channel for ascended master Sanat Kumara in Episode Twelve.

David Wilcock - His newest work is "The Source Feild Investigations". He is the author of free online books which are converted to .pdf here. One of David's channelings of Ra is podcast Episode One.



Dr. Carl Calleman's extensive research into the meaning of the Mayan calendar has produced two volumes, the latest being "The Mayan Calendar and The Transformation Of Consciousness"(Episode Eight). His articles on the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld are Episode Four.

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