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All spiritual material is intended to be free of third density monetary charges. I'm sure that is no surprise to you to be reminded that spiritual information concerning Creation is NOT the property of the channel through which it comes. A channel, sometimes called an "instrument" is a third density, mind/body/spirit device, used for the transfer of these messages from unseen realms to manifested Earth humanity. The messages are intended for all of us, we, the ones who gravitate to the material and resonate with it's truth by pre-incarnationally established birthright and given to the many otherselves who have the free will to discover these truths of Creation and move up along the spiral.

I am not talking about third density work that results in a book, this must be compensated for. There is much involved in that process that does not involve the actual spiritual message that is coming though. One is not paying so much for the enlightenment inside, one is paying for hours of writing, organizing, editing, and the publishing printing. It is comforting to physically hold the words of kind truth. It is an uplifting bonus. Same so for a lecture. This type of instrument has got to eat and sleep and travel.

Here is a list of fellow humans, otherselves, walking in these times as you and I. These otherselves have agreed to accept a special gift to assist mankind. Later in the incarnation, they seem to have placed a caveat on the discimination of said materials. Information that is, remember, not their possession.

Do these unfortunate missteps invalidate the information they provide? I don't think so, but that's just me. I scrutinize more carefully those who attempt this unwise third density power play. It is up to you to decide for yourself.

(also listed are some of those that declined my invitation to do a podcast from what came through them in a not so nice fashion, and the reasons they gave)

In the order that I recalled them.


The organization stated they would have to have "control" over the content of the podcast. Sorry, that was not your call.



Until recently (2014), the materials were widely distrubed over the internet. Someone in the organization (Bashar Communications, Inc.) decided it was time they took "control" (see a pattern forming here?) of every utterance issued forth since 1984. Even those not contained in published books. They began sending out take down messages with a false DMCA header. Lying is not an admirable trait for a channel.


Barbara Marciniak

I can't come down too hard on Barbara. She is just a little dilusional. Here is the low down. She makes contact with her difficult. You will not find an email on her site. But I managed to contact her through a guy that was helping set up her seminars. Her reactions was to put up a message on her site saying to not attempt to contact her through her associates.

She had him relay a message. He told me - she does not allow her material to be put onto cell phones because they are a device used for control by "illuminati types". That was the gist, though I can't remember the exact term he used for the negative contollers of cell phones. Her stuff is now and was then all over the internet and OK'd by her. Therefor her stuff is on computers, tablets and yes...cell phones. I moved on to other Pleiadian sources such as P'taah.


Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

There are cordial ways to say no. This woman was way ahead of the curve when it comes to attempting to possess her channelings. I am amazed that someone of the temperment she showed me was actually chosen to recieve messages. She was short and ugly in her denial. I went elsewhere for Michael. To her credit she now posts the myriad of others who channel this entity.

The Michael Teachings


His people harrased me with a take down notice for a book he gives away for free. Odd behaviour for a monk or whatever he calls himself and his flock. He is ultimately resposible for their actions.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk and whoever else

Probably best known for their campaign to take down their pride and joy, The Cassopiean Transcripts. example I'll bet you've already read some of it. That is how effective they have been. Anyway, the contents are sometimes referred to as coming from negative entities. I haven't read enough to give a true evaluation. Except that it's boring. Many short and one word answers from the entity, rather unconvincing in the end.

The Cassiopiean Transcripts

J.J. Hurtak

This guy and his wife have been shoveling it for decades. From shady claims of doctorates, to unsubstantiated claims of close associations, and then there's the claim that he was "second in command in the Council of Nine". They seem to have a good imagination. research They are prolific with the fake DMCA notice that they personally issue for the book, The Keys of Enoch.

The Keys of Enoch

"The Astral Codex"

Not only did these folks have me take down the book, they wanted me not to tell anyone about them having me take it down. Hahaha.


I'm from the organisation that publishes  I've noticed that you our authors eBook The Astral Codex, posted onto your website in various formats to read online and to download.

We appreciate what your website has to offer, however we do not wish to have our author's eBook posted in any format on your website. 

We kindly request that you remove all files of The Astral Codex from your site.  If you wish for people to find the eBook, you could link to the download page on

...then the link...

Wishing you all the best in your spiritual journey.

Kind regards,


Mystical Life Publications Ltd

** Legal Disclaimer: This information is intended only for theuse of the addressee(s) and may contain privileged, confidential, or proprietary information. If you are not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, displaying, copying, or use of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this information in error, please delete the information from your system and contact the sender."

The Astral Codex

more to come..

"The negative polarization contains a great requirement for control and repression." 46.11

"The negatively oriented entity will program for maximal separation from and control over all those things and conscious entities which it perceives as being other than the self." 85.17 Ra

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The Cassiopiean Transcripts The Keys of Enoch The Astral Codex